DGBW Session International: on circularity

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Allthough the theme of the Dutch Green Building Week is 'Made in Holland', it is good to benchmark your own accomplishments and ambitions. This session puts the national effort towards a circular economy and building industry into international perspectives. With contributions from Green Building Councils from all over the world.

DGBW Session speakers

Marc Bosmans
Knauf International​​​

Christine Ruiz Duran
German Sustainable
Building Council

Mickael Thiery
Deputy Director Ministry
for the Ecological Transition of France

Stephen Richardson

This DGBW Session will be in English

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Part of the anniversary edition of Dutch Green Building Week

The DGBW Session is part of the anniversary edition of the Dutch Green Building Week. The tenth edition of the week will take place from September 21 to September 25. #MadeinHolland is the theme of the week, with which the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) and its partners will put the Netherlands on the international map.

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Marc Bosmans

Marc Bosmans joined Knauf Insulation as Circular Economy Manager for Western Europe in 2019. His role within the management team is to operationalize the circular economy principles in the heart of the business.  This includes support to the factories to achieve their “zero waste to landfill” objective, but also a strong support to the commercial teams to be a real sustainability partner towards our customers and proactively provide open- and closed-loop recycling solutions for Knauf Insulation products.

Knauf Insulation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of insulation products and solutions. We are present in more than 40 countries and have 27 manufacturing sites in 15 countries.

Before joining Knauf Insulation, Marc worked as a Sustainable Construction Manager for Eurima, the European trade association for glass & stone mineral wool. He was an active player in LCA-related policies as well as in the development of Level(s), the European framework to assess the sustainability of buildings. 

Christina Ruiz Duran

Christine Ruiz Duran works at the Research and Development department of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.) where she is project manager for research projects and responsible for the topic of Circular Economy.

Christine previously gained consultancy experience as a project consultant in the area of strategy development and project management at a consulting company in Stuttgart. She supported strategy development projects for a large automotive company in the field of e-mobility and was responsible for workshops and project management tasks.

Christine graduated as B.A. Architecture at the msa - Münster School of Architecture and subsequently completed the course of studies B.A. "Culture and Business" at the University of Mannheim with a focus on Business Administration and Romance Studies/Spanish. The topic of sustainability has accompanied her for many years, for example in both her final theses on sustainable building certification in Germany and on sustainability communication in the energy sector in Latin America.

Mickael Thiery
Mickael Thiery works at the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition where he is Deputy Director in the Department in charge of sustainable buildings. Over the last years, he has been particularly involved in the preparation of the future environmental regulation for new buildings which includes energy and carbon requirements.

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition is responsible for State Environmental Policy (Preservation of Biodiversity, Climate Kyoto Protocol Application, Environmental Control of industries, etc.), Transportation (air, road, railway and sea regulation departments), Energy and Construction, Renovation and Housing Policies.
The Directorate of Housing, Planning and Landscape addresses the housing and accommodation needs of citizens and, in particular, helps to program the production of housing. It promotes sustainable development of territories by ensuring that planning documents and development operations meet the needs of the population and integrate sustainable development issues. This policy must also encourage and support projects in territories. It contributes to making the building an effective lever for sustainable development and as such strives to improve the quality, accessibility, resources efficiency and energy performance of buildings
Stephen Richardson

Stephen Richardson is Interim Director of the Europe Regional Network of World Green Building Council. He coordinates a network of 21 national Green Building Councils and eight regional partners, supporting their efforts to deliver a sustainable built environment at the heart of Europe’s future. 

Previously, Stephen was Head of Projects and has also been Technical Lead for the WorldGBC Europe Network's Energy Efficient Mortgages project. This ground breaking EU funded project has launched a pilot with 50 of Europe's largest banks to leverage mortgages as a tool to finance energy efficiency improvements in buildings.  

Stephen has a background in building services engineering and expertise in energy and carbon reduction in buildings, having worked in consultancy, local government and industrial research. Prior to joining WorldGBC, he completed an industry based doctorate (EngD) with Sainsbury's and the University of Reading, focusing on uncertainty in carbon based design and investment decisions for buildings. 

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