DGBW Session: Breaking barriers towards Circularity

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The first steps towards a circular economy have been taken. This has resulted in many innovations and pioniering projects in the world of construction and real estate.

A panel of front runners and strategic thinkers from the Netherlands discusses what is required for the next steps towards scale, covering adjustments in finance, accounting and even taxes. Apart from new financial strategies, circularity also calls for a new mindset, new partnerships and co-operations, new processes and strategies for (re-)design thinking.

DGBW Session speakers

Petran van Heel

Cécile van Oppen

Hein Brekelmans
ABN Amro

Jan Jongert
Superuse Studios

This DGBW Session will be in English

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Part of the anniversary edition of Dutch Green Building Week

The DGBW Session is part of the anniversary edition of the Dutch Green Building Week. The tenth edition of the week will take place from September 21 to September 25. #MadeinHolland is the theme of the week, with which the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) and its partners will put the Netherlands on the international map.

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Petran van Heel, ABN AMRO

Petran van Heel works as a sector banker Construction at ABN AMRO. In this role, he follows the most important trends in the construction sector and has a continuous dialogue with partners, prospects and other stakeholders. After completing the Delft University of Technology and the Rotterdam School of Management, Petran gained extensive national and international experience on both the building and the financial side. After his start as a real estate developer at Royal BAM Group, he continued to work for BAM in London with a focus on project financing. Back in the Netherlands he has used his combined experience within BAM PPP. Subsequently, Petran made the move towards real estate development at Rabo Real Estate Group (MAB). He worked on several large-scale urban (transformation) projects in both acquisition and concept development and realisation.

Cécile van Oppen, Co-Founder van Copper8

Cecile van Oppen is co-founder of Copper8. Copper8 works on realizing sustainable breakthroughs in the construction and manufacturing industries: the approach is focused on understanding the real purpose of projects and having the clients think in terms of functional questions rather than direct solutions.  

Copper8 analyzes the system in which the clients operate and identify where the system conflicts with the sustainability ambitions. In a project-atmosphere a process of collaboration is created and implemented, keeping the interests of all the parties (principal and contractors) in mind. The collaborative processes lead to technical breakthroughs in the sustainability realm, and moreover introduce new business models that contribute towards a sustainable future. 

Hein Brekelmans, Head Sustainable Finance Desk bij ABN AMRO

Hein Brekelmans is leidinggevende van de Sustainable Finance Desk van ABN AMRO.  

Hein leidt een team van tien professionals die zich inzetten om de transitie naar een duurzame toekomst te versnellen. Zijn team ondersteunt bestaande en nieuwe klanten bij het realiseren van duurzame en circulaire ambities voor hun onderneming. Op deze manier wordt gewerkt aan het hoofddoel van de desk: het versnellen van de transitie naar een CO2 neutrale, circulaire en sociaal inclusieve economie.  

Hein heeft een intrinsieke motivatie om de wereld te verbeteren en is een strategisch adviseur op het gebied van een duurzame economie. 

Jan Jongert, Superuse Studios

Jan Jongert graduated as architect at the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam in 2003. As co-founder of Superuse Studios in Rotterdam he designs interiors and buildings and develops strategies to facilitate the transition to a responsible society.  

Jan focuses on developing tools and processes and wants to realize tangible projects that empower local exchange and production, as an alternative to transporting and wasting our resources, products and components around the globe. Key projects are Villa Welpeloo (2009), Harvestmap (2012) and Blue City (2016). 


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