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Monday, September 21, 12:30 pm to Friday, September 25, 5:00 pm

Here you will find an overview of the full program

Visit DGBW-online through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

if you're looking for support for DGBW Sessions, click here


To visit DGBW-online you have to register yourself. You can register as a visitor via the registration form on the DGBW website. You will receive an email with a link to finalize your registration in the digital platform (Hopin) no later than Friday 18 September.

Profile is your online business card

Fill in your profile right away! Make sure your account is recognizable, fill it in as completely as possible and upload your photo. This account is used for your participation in the event and is your calling card during DGBW-online.

In the event

When you log in you will come to the reception. On the left you can navigate to the different parts of DGBW-online:

Green Stage
Here you can follow the daily talk show and Expert Sessions. You can also watch the Green Room on Green Stage.

DGBW Sessions
Here you can attend various sessions and possibly ask questions via chat. When a speaker shares a slide / screen, you can make it bigger / smaller yourself by means of a double click. As a visitor you do not have to click on participate.

Activities - Network carousel
Here you can talk to (random) participants. You have to click on Ready to start a conversation and when you are linked to someone click on connect to exchange data (online business card) and start the conversation. A conversation lasts between 30 and 180 seconds: keep track of this by keeping an eye on “time left” at the top; If you have already finished talking before 180 seconds have passed, click on leave at the top of the screen. Then click on ready again for a new connection.

Green Expo - virtual booths
Here you see virtual booths of the participating companies. You can click on their booth and watch their promo video. The stands are manned every day at 3 p.m. and you can attend a live presentation or have a chat with the stand crew. If you are interested: don't forget to click on I am interested! This is how your online business card is exchanged. You can ask questions via chat and request a video call (via people) if you need it!

Network possibilities in DGBW-online

During DGBW-online you can also come into contact with other visitors in addition to the talk shows and sessions. That can be done in different ways:

1-1 networking via video
There you get 180 seconds maximum time per video call. So 90 seconds for you and 90 seconds for the other, you also share your online business card in this. Use the following format for maximum results: Who are you ?; What are you doing?; Where can the other person help you?

Via private chat
Go to "people" on the right side of your screen. There you will find the list of all participants. If you click on a picture you can send a 1-1 message to that person. There will be a red dot next to "people" when you send or receive a message from someone you haven't read yet.

Via video call
Go to "people" on the right side of your screen. There you will find the list of all participants. If you click on a picture you can invite someone out for a video call.

You can of course use the general chat function to network, ask questions and respond to questions from speakers. Do this, because that makes it more fun and interactive for everyone. You can also place this chat function on the relevant session or booth where you are currently.

Do you have any questions?

DGBW information desk
You can contact the information desk for questions about the event and the program. This can be found at DGBW Sessions.

Do you have any technical questions?
You can contact the HELPDESK with technical questions about Hopin. The helpdesk is always open at DGBW Sessions during the event.

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