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DGBW Session International

The DGBW Sessions International are organized by the Established Members of the World Green Building Council.

Time and date

Monday September 21 and wednesday September 23

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Here you will find an overview of all planned DGBW Sessions.


Every visitor (including speakers) of DGBW-online must be registered. As a speaker you will receive an email with a link to accept and finalize your registration. You can then supplement your account with the correct information and a photo.

Note: make sure your account is recognizable, fill it in as completely as possible and upload your photo. This account is used for your participation in the virtual booth. And is your calling card during DGBW-online.

Visit DGBW-online through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

In the event

When you log in you will come to the reception. On the left you can navigate to the DGBW Sessions. Click on this and you will see an overview of the sessions. Each session has its own tile. You will receive the direct link to your session no later than Thursday 17 September. This link only works during the event. If you do not receive this, please let us know via

Overview of the DGBW Sessions

In the DGBW Session

With the link that you will receive no later than Thursday 17 September, you will go directly to your DGBW Session during the event. In the Session, you can share your audio and video with the button in the middle of the screen, which starts the stream. Your browser may request access to your audio and video, click "allow" or "allow all" here.

If you see your own stream on screen, you are immediately live and visitors can see and hear you, so keep this in mind. You cannot set a background within DGBW-online.

After the session you can use the "Leave" button to stop your stream. You will still stay in the session room, but your audio and video will no longer be shared.

Possibilities DGBW Sessions

You can share a presentation such as Powerpoint, Prezie or Keynote using the "share screen".

Video with sound?
If you want to show a video with sound, you can do so with another application: Loopback or VoiceMeeter. These can send the sound of the video through Hopin. For information you have to go to these websites yourself and install the application.

Set the chat function to session. Use this chat to communicate with the visitors. Questions or comments from visitors can also come in here. When there is a red dot, there is a new activity on the chat.

Polls can be created per session. However, these are visible to all visitors to the event. The polls must be submitted in advance via this is possible until Friday 18 September at the latest.

Topis and script for your Session

Martin Mooij ( and Caroline Kruit ( are coordinating your session. Please discuss the content of your presentation with Martin. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Prepare your DGBW Session well. An online event is different from an offline event. Think about how you inspire and engage your audience.
  • Despite the fact that you are talking to a screen, there is an audience.
  • Put your laptop / screen a little higher, so that you can get into your screen well and do not look down.
  • Make sure the background is tidy and neat.
  • Do your audio and video work? Test this in advance.
  • Turn off your audio when you need to say news, this can be done by pressing the microphone. This prevents noise.
  • The sessions come online 15 minutes in advance; you can only see them now. It is useful to also log in 15 minutes in advance with all participants, so that you can look around and find your session. Make sure you are ready for 5 minutes at the latest to receive visitors.
  • Start and stop at the time specified in the program. That way you don't lose viewers.
  • Use the same email address as when registering.
  • Open 2 tabs 1) your own session and 2) Green Stage
  • When your camera is on in your own session, visitors can already watch.
  • Make sure that visitors feel personally addressed. Encourage to ask questions.
  • Make sure you agree on who will operate the buttons.
  • If you are going to share your screen, make sure that there are no (personal) things on your screen.
  • All screens are the same size. By double clicking you can make a screen bigger / smaller. This is a personal attitude. anyone can set this up for themselves.

Do you have any technical questions?

You can ask your questions in the HELPDESK. The helpdesk is always open at DGBW Sessions during the event.

Spread the word

Naturally, we want to give as much publicity as possible to this special edition of the Dutch Green Building Week and to all sessions. Here you will find a communication package that you can use on social media or in press releases. Please also let your network know that you are speakers during DGBW-online.

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