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Solnet Group B.V. is a leading provider of Smart Solar solutions, focusing on customer ROI and safe functional asset management. We service our clients in all aspects of solar PV projects:
• Evaluatingsuitableassets;
• Evaluatingsuitabletechnology;
• Systemengineering;
• Applying for subsidies (SDE+);
• Utilitydevelopment,operationandmaintenance;
• Systemintegration(IoT,energymanagement,building automation);
• Data services (reporting, monitoring, display of statistics).
We leverage our extensive IT knowledge and opportunities enabled by digitalisation to secure our customers investment, assets and reduce operational costs. Our solutions are not just intelligence in the cloud, but it means component-level automation, sensors and redundancy.
Solnet Group services customers from A-Z during the long lifecycle of the utilities making transition into producing renewable energy easy, convenient, safe and profitable for our customers.
  Smart Solar solutions protect
your investment and assets.
  DGBC | Bidbook 2019 127


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