Green Norm for Cities - Growing Green Cities Conference - wordt verplaatst


Op dinsdag 5 juli organiseert DGBC samen met partner Groene Stad de sessie 'Green Norm for Cities' tijdens de 'Growing Green Cities Conference'. De tweedaagse conferentie, met onder andere Minister Hugo de Jonge, Winy Maas, Ank Bijleveld en Derk Loorbach, vindt plaats op de Floriade in Almere. De conferentie wordt georganiseerd door een consortium van partijen waaronder het ministerie van BZK, WUR, Gemeente Almere, Provincie Flevoland, Stichting De Groene Stad en DGBC.

De voertaal van dit tweedaagse evenement is Engels. 

Session 'Green Norm for Cities'

‘Greening the city’ is great for climate adaptation, for improved health & wellbeing and for more biodiversity. But what green intervention is needed exactly in the built environment, and how to define the new norm for green in cities? This session offers an introduction to the 3-30-300 norm (Cecil Konijnendijk), as well as more detailed norm systems from Denmark and The Netherlands. What green norms do we need to effectively include nature in urban developments?

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Aanmelden kan via inschrijfknop links. Voor deelname aan deze sessie is een toegangsticket voor de Floriade noodzakelijk. 

Voor meer informatie over de tweedaagse conferentie kijk bij 'Program Conference' of klik hier om direct naar de website te gaan. 

On Monday July 4 and Tuesday July 5 the two days Conference "Growing Green Cities" takes place at Floriade in Almere. 

Climate change, urbanization, declining biodiversity, pandemics, extreme weather and increasing food production: these are just a few of the factors that challenge the future of our cities. There is growing evidence that nature based solutions can be sound investments for future urban challenges. Many investments in our cities of today are expected to last for generations, so there is a need to include long term thinking in our current decision making. 

During this two days conference we look from different disciplines and five dimensions; nature inclusive product- and services design, nature-inclusive building, growing green neighborhoods and green spatial planning in urbanizing regions. Practitioners, researchers, policymakers and students gather to share good Dutch and international practices on how to evolve multi-disciplinary practices that develop longer term thinking and acting in our city- networks, policies and decision making.

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